What is Cybermedia?

Cybermedia is a bold new course that unveils alternative employment pathways for writers, journalists, and digital storytellers of all kinds. It aims to give students the knowledge and skills to create their own jobs in a world where traditional employment is collapsing.

Cybermedia combines brilliant writing  with stunning visuals to offer spectacular views of emerging and future technologies.

Students engage with a worldwide digital audience to create stories for Virtual and Augmented Reality, 360 cameras, and  cutting-edge media.

Why study Cybermedia?

As new technologies arise, storytellers are in incredible demand.

Cybermedia  meets this demand with a ground-breaking course that guides students to write terrific narratives for the digital age.

On the way, students also learn how to build their very own media enterprise, promote their personal brand, and devise expert strategies to deal with ever-evolving technologies.

Who should do this course?

Passionate storytellers who are willing to experiment with new technology and its revolutionary application to storytelling.

What are the topics?

Cybermedia offers a practical and accessible approach to learning with a combination of online coursework, masterclasses, fieldwork, and networking opportunities.

Topics include:

  • how to write awesome linear and non-linear narratives
  • techniques to create and deliver unforgettable interactive storytelling
  • Social Media self-defence
  • how to think like a digital futurist and predict emerging technology trends
  • how to devise unique visual approaches for new media platforms
  • how to thrive as a self-employed media entrepreneur